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 COVID-19 Updates 

Following the increase in severity of the COVID-19 outbreak, we thought it was important to provide a comprehensive update to all of our Support worker and NDIS participant. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and participant. Our operations have not currently been impacted by this public health crisis and our customer service is running as usual, but we remain vigilant. To that end, here are the company-wide measures we've taken to help ensure business continuity.

  • We are actively monitoring updates from the  governments,  World Health Organization (WHO), and other international, national, state  and organizations that help guide us as we navigate this rapidly evolving situation.
  • Our Risk Team is activated, along with our pandemic response plan. We are meeting regularly to assess possible future directions and actions.
  • For our employees, we have recommended that all employees who can perform their function remotely to do so. We remain confident in our continued ability to serve our NDIS participant, regardless of our employees’ physical work locations. For those that are not able to work remote, we have increased cleaning throughout our locations and have instituted new shifts to allow for social distancing.
  • We have provided consistent health and safety resources, support and guidelines to all of our employees and have encouraged any employee who is not feeling well to stay home and rest.                     

Personal Protective Equipment

Due to increasing personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages and new information on COVID-19 transmission, Ongoing Care are using  implementations which include:

  • Providing Protective Personal Equipment; such as masks and gloves
  • Ensuring our support workers are in good health

  • Maintaining a good practice of social distancing

  • Promoting our participants to have their medication delivered to them and helping them to set up this service

  • Supporting our participants to set up the telephone service with speaking to their doctors instead of visiting them

  • Our support workers disinfecting the participants home and cleaning

  • Support workers doing groceries for the participants so they won't need to be part of the current stresses of visiting the supermarkets

  • We will ensure that social distancing is put in place between our staff and the participant. The cleaning process will also include disinfecting the house.

For questions or concerns please contact us at  [email protected] or visit the NDIS website at www.ndis.gov.au